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 Philosophical Memes



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April 14th 

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 Philosophical Memes

Expository Assignment




The word “meme” is most often associated with viral image-based internet humor. But in its broader sense, a meme is just any rapidly communicable piece of information that conveys an idea or attitude. 

TASK: In this assignment, you will try your hand at making simple visual aids as a way to frame your exposition of any idea or problem from our readings in Module II. 



(i) Two Ungraded Memes


Create a simple visual meme designed to capture or express a philosophical idea or problem (two memes total). This portion of the assignment will be ungraded to allow for creative expression. Your meme should include some very simple visual artefact of your choosing or design (video and audio artefacts are fair game as well). You have full creative license here. Your meme does not have to be based on viral internet humor. A meme could be any image or piece of information that serves to represent or express the philosophical idea or problem in question.

(ii) Two Graded 500-Word Expositions


One corresponding to each meme, in which you explicate the philosophical idea or problem at hand. Here you should focus your efforts on gaining mastery of the relevant content as opposed to pursuing an original line of argumentation. The goal is to acquire teaching knowledge of the material, such that you could explain the concept at hand to a philosophical novice. While the goal is to exposit the philosophical concepts at hand, you should avoid regurgitation of the material.  Rather, you should aim to use original examples and insights to explain the concepts in your own novel way. Your expository treatments will be assessed for accuracy, clarity, rigor, nuance, and originality of explication. 

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