I'm currently a lecturer at Boston University, where I've been teaching since 2015. I teach a wide range of subjects, including History of Modern Philosophy, Ethical Theory, Formal Logic, and a number of interdisciplinary topics bridging Applied Ethics and Social and Political Thought, including Philosophy of Sex and Gender, Environmental Philosophy, and Bioethics, among others.


This Fall I'll be teaching:

1) the Philosophy of Love and Sexuality - which will focus on the conceptual analysis of love and desire as an avenue to explore and assess competing models of human agency

2) the History of Modern Philosophy, which will emphasize Kant's encounter with Hume and will take an eye to charting the legacy of both thinkers and their continued relevance to issues in contemporary debate. 

3) the Philosophy of Sex and Gender - which will focus on the social, political, and ethical dimensions of gendered practices and policies in professional settings


If you're thinking about taking a course with me, you should know that across all of my courses, my approach to teaching is motivated by the idea that academic inquiry is, at its best, a social enterprise. To that end, class time will emphasize collaborative problem solving in a real-time exchange of ideas, not passive information transmission. Pragmatist John Dewey sums up my teaching manifesto: "Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results." Even better is the comic artist Nathan Pyle: See "Chaos is How I Learn." You can find samples of current and recent syllabi below.